Photo: Charlie Levin
I'm a Philadelphia-based artist, registered tax preparer, and dedicated traveler.
In my artist life, I trained as an actor, worked as an actor and director, founded a theatre company, ran that theatre company, and then transitioned my creative practice to socially-engaged photography-based projects. You can read more about it at
I came to tax preparation after over 20 years of project management work with organizations such as Mural Arts Philadelphia, FringeArts, and The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. I managed big budget public art projects, multi-year ethnographic investigations, and large scale performance events. I also had my taxes done by the incredible Amy Smith. One year, she told me I was totally capable of doing my own taxes. So I did. After a decade of TurboTax, I realized that I actually enjoyed doing taxes and that being a tax preparer for folks like myself might be a perfect new gig! In 2018, I joined Philadelphia Tax Prep for Artists, Amy's tax preparer collective, and haven't looked back since.
I love to travel, so I also saw tax preparation as a job that would be flexible in terms of time and place. Outside of tax season, I may be working with you from Colombia, Iceland, Mexico, or Italy. However, during tax season, I love hunkering down in my South Philly rowhouse, drinking lots of tea, and helping amazing people have a stress-free and almost-fun tax season. 
I received my B.A. from the University of Virginia and my M.F.A. from Temple University.
Want some guidance on taxes? Read this article I wrote on taxes for the self-employed with Catapult Magazine. 
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