Photo: Maria Möller
I set my prices in collaboration with Philadelphia Tax Prep for Artists. We keep our prices lower than for-profit tax preparation services as a way of demonstrating our commitment to serving artists and cultural workers.
For the 2023 tax filing season, for returns with self-employment income, we charge:​​​​​​​
$300 for Single Filers, Head of Household, and Married Filing Separately
$450 for Married Filing Jointly
This includes e-filing federal taxes, PA/NJ/NY/CA state taxes, and City of Philadelphia taxes (if applicable). 
If you need to file in a state other than PA/NJ/NY/CA, there is an additional $45 charge per state. 
Additional charges may be assessed for complex returns, such as those with multiple rental properties, multiple investment accounts, or more than two state returns.
If you need to, you are welcome to pay in installments.
If your income falls below a certain level and your return is simple, I am able to offer discounts. Just ask. 
I charge $150–$200 for a straightforward W-2 return that does not include self-employment income. 
My consultation rate is $100/hour. ​​​​​​​
Unless otherwise requested, all appointments and documents are handled virtually.  
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